Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter My Angel

It's Good Friday. Not so good for me though. It's basically a reminder that this sunday is Easter. Last year on this day I was in the hospital 1 day after giving birth to my beautiful little girl. This day I was oh so hopeful that you would survive and be here with me to celebrate this day, but instead I mark the 1 year anniversary of the memory of the days that lead me to start this blog.

Jaylin my love I miss you oh so much. I remember last year I brought you a Easter basket. Its beautiful Jaylin. It's a pink and purple basket with beautiful lace around it. I have pink grass to fill it with and couldn't wait to color eggs for you. I never got decorate it or color eggs for you but I know you would have loved it.

This year I pulled out that same beautiful Easter basket and today, I plan on decorating it with that beautiful pink grass and will color those egss for you and will bring it to grandma's house on Sunday, and I know you will be watching as we hide the eggs and you will be right there with your cousings and family as we enjoy the holiday and try and find all the eggs.

This Easter I will remember you my beautiful little angel, and know that though you are not here physically and the pain I feel is real, I am happy knowing that you are with God, watching over Mommy and Daddy as we continue to move through each and everyday without you, but knowing you will forever be in our hearts.

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