Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just One Of Those Days!!!!!!

Today it is offically 1 year & 2 months since you were born. I miss you so much Jaylin and eventhough time has passed and I continue to move forward, I can't believe how much it still hurts that you are not here with me. I really did not think that by this time a year later, I would be here sitting still not even close to being pregnant again.

I am trying to remain hopeful and know that God has a plan for me, but sometimes I just feel so fustrated and angry. I mean when will I honestly be happy again. I am not asking to win the lottery, though it seems I might have to in order to be able to afford fertility treatments. All I want is to have a living, breathing healthy baby.

I saw a rainbow today which meant you were sending me a big hug and reminder that everything will be ok ONE DAY.

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