Monday, November 19, 2007

Keeping The Faith!

Today back at the doctor's office for the 3rd time in one week. My follicles are still not growing. The largest one measured at 14cm on Tuesday, then the same on Friday. This morning, the largest one continues to remain at 14cm. Friday, the dr advised that now he wants to move on to treatment called "super ovulation". This consists of a higher dose of clomid and injections everyday to produce ovulation. So far my cost has been $2,995.00 I am so afraid that the cost for the next treatment will be too much for us to afford. I hope to hear from the dr today and see if possible to get a round about cost for the treatment for next cycle.

I just can't believe that I am having such a hard time getting pregnant this time around. I could have accepted this all a little better if this were my first cycle of treatment, but I am experiencing such difficulty after having been successfully pregnant for almost 6 months. Its been 7 months since Jaylin passed, and we have been actively trying for 5 months now. I guess this month, it just wasn't meant to be. I am continuing to try and remain strong and remember that this is all a part of God's plan.

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