Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Waiting Game

Well, my appt was only the beginning of my feeling down. The dr has advised that my body has stopped responding to the treatment. There is no real explanaton except that it happens. We now have to sit down and come up with another plan for treatment. Something more agressive. The thing about this is that my appt is not until February. Which means 3 months of not being pregnant. I really can't believe that this is what I am going through after the year I have had.

I would completely understand this happening on my first cycle of treatment, but I have been pregnant twice, and now my body acts as if it never even happened. I dont even know how I am feel about all this. I am devistated, in pain, want to scream. How am I going to get through this time and not go crazy. It's just so unfair that I have gotten pregnant and lost my daughter halfway through my pregnancy, had a chemical pregnancy after 7 months and now needing aggressive fertility treatments to conceive #3.

I guess its time for me to focus my attention on doing something else. I need to figure out what it is that I need to do to get through this time in a positive light.

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Olive Lucy Kawecki said...

i am sending you lots of Peaceful thought for your coming months. peace light and love.